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10% discount on ALL 12 bottle purchases

Ordering is as easy as 1,2,3.

  1. Shop and place your order on our new on-line store.
  2. Wait for an emailed "ready for pick up" notification. We are expecting to fulfill all orders within a two hour window. Of course you can place an order at any time during the day or night.
  3. Upon receiving your pick up notification, drive, bike, or walk over to the shop.  Once in place, text us (360-325-2210) or call (360-393-3271).  Please give us your order number and color of your car.  Open your trunk or back seat door. We will then load up your order.  No contact!

Safety Precautions

We have taken all recommended safety measures to protect ourselves, our employees and you, the customer.

We have set up exact protocols while working.

  1. Hand washing
  2. Hand sanitizing
  3. Face masks upon entry
  4. Frequent sanitizing of all work surfaces
  5. No one is allowed in the shop except myself, Diane, and our employees.  No delivery people or sales reps are allowed in.
  6. All product that enters our store is quarantined for 24 hours before being issued for sale.  We do this because the CDC has indicated that the virus can survive on carboard up to 24 hours.  We are scheduling all of our deliveries to adhere to this practice.

Curb Side Instructions

Driving: We need you to drive through our alley entering off of Holly Street.  Pull all the way up to our front door.  This will allow a steady one way flow for easy access.  Of course you may use the loading zone off of W. Champion Street when available. Having a one way drive through will be a more efficient system for all. We don't really know how this will play out in real time and greatly appreciate your understanding.

Walking or biking: Please be aware of the personal bubble of others and form a well spaced line along our sidewalk in front of our store when necessary.  We will bring your order out and place it in a drop zone for you to collect.  Once again, no contact.

Other Key Instructions

No cash.  While awaiting a paradigm shift, we will no longer be accepting cash for payment.

Personal shopper option and special orders are still available.  You are very welcome to call or email us and we will put together your order for you. And of course, if we don't have what you want, please ask.  We like making dreams come true.

Our new on-line store is a work in progress.  Each of our 1,200 plus items are listed and we are working diligently to add more detail though not every item has a photo or description as yet.  You'll find it's designed very simply and maneuvering is quite easy.