Rosé, White
Mealhada, Portugal, $8.99

Vinho Rosé

Straw-gold with greenish yellow highlights, this Vinho Verde gives off citrus and honeydew melon aromas, and a bit of muskiness. The wine has a spritzy effervescence, with lime, green apple, and white and yellow flower notes. It shows a bright but tame acidity. It has a long and persistently pleasant finish. This wine is quite typical of Vinho Verdes I've had in this price range. It is practically a textbook example of the style, and does show off some complexity that are often missing from lesser wines. I enjoyed this quite a bit, as did many of our tasters.

Vinho Verde

Produced from Loureiro and Pederña grapes grown in the granitic soils of the Vinho Verde region, the Santola (or as we here are calling it, "the crab wine") is a delicious, spritely and refreshing white. It doesn't get much more traditional, thirst-quenching or seasonally perfect then this wine. Delicious, low in alcohol, slightly fizzy and way too easy to drink!


$8.99 Each