Quinta Esencia Silbon

Verdejo 2018
Rueda, Spain $14.99

Verdejo is a white grape varietal that has been prevelent in Spain, specifically in the Rueda region, for more than 1,000 years. The grape originated in Northern Africa and made it's way to Southern Spain, where it travelled north during the reign of King Alfonso VI in the 11th century. The Verdejo grapes produce soft, fruit-forward white wines with intense aromas. Despite their history in oxidized wine production, such as in strong, nutty wines like Sherry, present-day Rueda Verdejo wines have bright citrus and melon charecteristics, with high well-balanced acidity and tons of freshness.

This typical fresh Verdejo wine appears pale greenish yellow in the glass, with flavors to match-fennel, grassy and citrusy notes, as well as hints of stone fruits like white peach. Its herby citrusy character has much in common with Sauvignon Blanc.

Whether you're slurping down oysters, digging into a perfectly roasted chicken, or just nibbling on some cheese, Verdejo wines will both compliment the light qualities of raw dishes and cut through the richness of others.