Pojer E. Sandri

Müler Thurgau 2016, Nosiola 2017
Trentino, Italy, $19.99

2016 “Palai” Muller Thurgau

This wine's core of perfect balance jumps out at you. Truly lovely.
Delicately spicy aromas of green apple, coriander, thyme, lemon grass and minerals. Bright and focused, with juicy, elegantly styled flavors of white stone fruit and fresh herbs that offer very good vivacity and length. 
This is such an excellent example of just how good Muller-Thurgau can be. These Muller vines are located in one of the few areas that I consider a grand cru for this varietal in Italy.


2017 Nosiola

You read right, Nosiola.  Yes, another grape you've never heard of.
Nosiola is an obscure, indigenous, white variety that grows in the vineyards that surround Italy's Dolomiti mountains in Trentino. While Nosiola, as Trentino’s only commercially grown native white grape, was once extensively grown throughout Trentino, over the last 30-40 years with the arrival of industrially focused winemaking and marketing, Nosiola began to fall out of favor.
This example shows of that distinctive Alpine acidity.  Delicate, aromatic, lightly floral bouquet with the scent of golden apples. On the palate it is very dry with flavors of peach, apricot, bright grapefruit, and lemon rind with notes of hazelnuts. Focused and linear in style it is brimming with stony minerality and bright acidity.

Both $19.99