78% Xarel-lo, 22% Malvasia de Sitges 2018
Penedes, Spain, $17.99

“Rupestris evokes the strength of the rock, the purity of the earth, something primitive, rustic, wild, ancient and authentic. The vineyards of traditional white varieties grown on the estate are planted on hillsides Can Comas limestone. Vines that are rooted in the bedrock, the petrocalcic or tapasot. Summer days, these ancient soils and shallow, the stocks suffered much to get water and minerals they need. And this effort and our enthusiasm is what we want to convey tenderness in every bottle of wine. Rupestris  is a wine strain of brown-root made with a single criterion, the quality. With a blend of Xarel.lo, Malvasia de Sitges, Macabeo and Xarel.lo red and a step for scarce cask of brown, we have a simple balance, finesse and a good expression of our lands.” Winery Notes.