Odfjell Orzada

Carignan 2017
Maipo Valley, Chile $12.99

Family-owned and inspired by the Vikings’ spirit of exploration, Odfjell Vineyards makes wines that are a true expression of its terroir and capture the best of Chile’s Maipo Valley. Since 2012 all of Odfjell’s vineyards have been organic and biodynamic with annual certifications. In addition to a wide range of biodynamic farming practices, the winery is home to Norwegian fjord horses, brought to Chile by Dan Odfjell. The horses control weeds, provide better soil drainage, and transport grapes during harvest without compacting the soil, and are used for pediatric hippotherapy. Orazada means ‘sailing into the winds’ and showcases specific old vines in Odfjell’s estate vineyards.

"Ripe blackberry and dark plum aromas are aided by wellapplied oak that gives off a note of maple. A highintensity palate is full of fruit, which allows this to be both tough and lush. Bold flavors of wild berry and dark spices end with smoky notes and a hint of chocolate."