Le Fay d’Homme

Muscadet 2016
Loire Valley, France, $14.99

Vincent is a dreamer. His feet in the vineyard, and his head in the sky. The fifth generation in his family of winemakers, Vincent naturally dove into the glass tile covered cement tank (a tradition in the Nantais) and persued the ancestral tradition. While expanding the family property, he sourced different terroirs from his close-by area in order to have different expressions of Muscadet. Each terroir bringing its own personality. While grown and vinified the same way, the Domaine Le Fay d’Homme Muscadet is his Troy horse and house signature, representing the largest wine volume of the Domaine. From 32,000 bottles in 2011 to an exceptionally low 15,000 in 2012, the Muscadet Fay d’Homme is a pure expression of the Gneiss soil. The acidity is present but not aggressive, with expression of white fruits, citrus and blossoms. The wine is immediately very well balanced and enjoyable right after bottling. Perfect with fish when drank young, you will enjoy the evolution of its aromas better with white meat after 10 years in your cellar. A true experience and new discovery of the aged Muscadet. Think notes of dark sand and fossil/petroleum. Perfect with shellfish and iodine charged fish (tuna, mackerel, sardines…). Winery Notes.