Müller Thurgau 2017
Alto Adige, Italy, $17.99

There are mountain wines, and then there are wines from wind-swept peaks so high they seem to be born from the sky. This is the glory of Alto Adige, a dramatic wine region in northeastern Italy, and the home to the century-old cantina of Kurtatsch. Here on the border with Austria, white grapes reign supreme, grown at altitudes that top 3,000 feet. The village of Kurtatsch (Cortaccia in Italian) is particularly blessed when it comes to terroir, with a wide range of soils that suit perfectly both native and international grapes.

The moment you put your nose to the glass you are instantly transported to the verdant meadows and breathtaking vistas above the village of Cortaccia, Alto Adige. Muller-Thurgau is a spicy, lively white wine, with fresh herbs and a touch of nutmeg in its aromas. Peachy and fresh, it’s a wonderful aperitif or companion to fresh river fish.