Kelly Fox Wines

Pinot Noir Hyland Vineyard 2017
McMinnville, Oregon $52.99

Here is a new bottling from one of our constantly consistent go-to cherished producers.  Kelly's wine always has our attention. This bottle should have yours.
Close to the Coast Range separating the Willamette Valley from the Pacific Ocean, the beautiful Hyland Vineyard, first planted in 1971, is one of Oregon’s oldest vineyards. This wine was produced from self-rooted Coury clone vines planted in 1988 in a block of red Jory volcanic soil at around 600 feet. The legendary Charles Coury introduced this mysterious clone of Pinot noir into Oregon, and the wine from these vines has a fine red character that is, in a subtle way, inimitable.
The vines she works with have been farmed organically for years and biodynamically (uncertified) starting a few years ago. The Hyland Coury Clone 2017 is medium to darker red, and full of moving light and transparency. It has a pure nose of the reddest of red berries (the classic Oregon summer raspberries and strawberries-I hope you have tasted these before) with a certain coolness. It is complex with a velvety frame and nimble, age-worthy acidity typical of Hyland Vineyard, and a real boon in the string of warm vintages in the Willamette Valley (back to old school). It’s a beauty, it’s long, and it seems to embody some Platonic Idea of “Red”.