Folly of the Beast

Pinot Noir 2016
Central Coast, California, $16.99

Folly of the Beast is the result of a winemaker’s ultimate quest: to make excellent Pinot Noir with a price tag that doesn’t make you want to weep. See, Pinot Noir is the white whale of the wine world. Appropriately nicknamed the “heartbreaker grape,” it’s generally costly because of how difficult it is to grow, and it takes skill and tenacity to produce a bottle worth drinking.
Here is an example of a young winemaker,  who worked at two of California's top Pinot Noir producers, Brewer Clifton and Sea Smoke, and decided to work on a project that makes wine for the people. Hence Folly of the Beast.

Pleasing aromas of wild strawberries, cherries and cranberries with notes of nutmeg and spice. On the palate, wonderful flavors of ripe red berries with layers of sweet baking spices, minerals, cedar and earth. It has some bright acidity with soft tannins and a nice, long finish. At less than under $20, this is an extremely affordable wine, especially for a decent Pinot Noir. It’s also a pure Pinot Noir, being made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes. Here, you know exactly what you’re drinking, and what you’re drinking is GOOD.