Domaine Riberach

Maccabeau, Sauvnon Gris & Blanc, Carignan Gris & Blanc, 2015
Languedoc, France, $21.99

“The vineyards are located on 10 hectares at 400 meters altitude in the Pyrenean foothills. No pesticides or herbicides allowed, the aim is preserve the natural biodiversity, nothing synthetic. No GMOs, spontaneous fermentation always, no additives in the winery, no fining or filtration very little or no sulphites,
local grape varietals only using massale selections.

Ripe citrus with hints of orange blossoms, tropical notes like pineapple and papaya. Salinity and Minerality give the wine backbone and structure, so delicious! Perfect with Thai or Vietnamese, great with fish, artichokes, and even lemon.” Importer Notes.