Cameron Winery

Ramato Pinot Gris 2018
Willamette Valley, Oregon $31.99

Over the past decade orange wine has gone from old school and obscure, to hip insiders’ favorite, to increasingly mainstream. Orange wines are the product of vinifying white grapes the way red wine is normally made. Instead of removing skins after grapes are pressed (as is standard for whites), the juice, called must, is fermented in contact with skins. This colors the juice, and gives it [tannic] structure and bitterness similar to a red wine. 
Here is an example that has been our favorite all year and suits this holiday perfectly.
Ramato is a copper-colored Pinot grigio made in the tradition of north-eastern Italy.  We know we say this every year, but the 2018 rendition of Ramato is their best yet!  This lovely copper-colored libation is a blend of complex aromas of petrichor, white peach, green strawberry, straw and orange peel. Its rich, creamy-textured mouth is filled with lemon verbena and peaches.  Its lingering finish is due to the soft ripe tannins extracted from the Pinot gris skins.