62% Semillon, 25% Sauvignon Blanc, 13% Muscadelle 2016
Columbia Valley, Washington, $24.99

The core philosophy of Buty (pronounced like “beauty”) is that making wine is part of a larger process with many interconnections and contributions, with everything building on each other to create a complex and cohesive whole. As a result, every Buty wine has a distinctive personality as to acknowledge their respective essence. Natural winemaking is key to this, as Chris applies gentle techniques such as minimal handling, and uses little-to-no new oak to work towards maintaining the authentic quality and character of the wines they produce. Blends come from the same vineyards and stay away from “enhancement tools” when growing the fruit.

This blend of 62% Sémillon, 25% Sauvignon Blanc, and 13% Muscadelle is sourced from a trio of great PNW vineyards. It displays lovely textural character with delicious layers of golden fig and baked apple, underscored with notes of white flowers, Asian pear, and minerality. It’s rich, but it has a firm acidity that keeps things together while maintaining a creamy texture.