Verdicchio 2016
Marche, Italy, $11.99

So, what do we have here? Well, apart from being a tiny-nightmare to pronounce, Verdicchio is probably most easily compared to Pinot Grigio, only with a little-more body. Verdicchio: [Vair-dee-kee-oh] Dei Castelli Di Jesi: [Day kah-stay-lee dee jeh-see] Phew! It’s a tough one! You almost need a glass of wine after saying all that! The name Verdicchio comes to us in part by the Italian word for green (“verde”), due to the greenish-yellow hue of the wine.

As with every region in Italy, the Marche is a world all unto itself. On Italy’s less traveled Adriatic coast, in between Emilia-Romagna and Abruzzo, the Marche is relatively sparsely populated, and largely composed of gently rolling hills, green with agriculture, that end along steep limestone bluffs on the coast. The Castelli di Jesi DOC is one of the largest of the zones in which Verdicchio is grown, and surrounds the town of Jesi and its ancient fortifications.

This terrific bottle of wine has a wonderfully complex style that belies its price point. This one has hints of grapefruit and stone fruit melding with subtle sea salt aromas. Lemony acidity and a hint of bitter almond add some nice polish on the finish.

Conti di Buscareto is a relative newcomer to the winemaking field, recently taking over the grape and vinification activity of an old local wine cellar. This fresh approach has assisted them greatly when seeking out the best vineyards and methods for crafting their fine wines.