Winter Group Show

Winter Group Show

Seifert Jones in conjunction with the Lucia Douglas Gallery invite you to a new exhibit featuring work by:

Susie Wind, Scott Williams, Thomas Wood, Diane Culhane,Suzanne Decuir, and Margaret Van Patten

November 1st-January 31st.  Downtown Art Walk 11/1, 12/6, & 1/3

Hours-Tuesday-Saturday 10-6 pm.

Scott Williams- Photography
Born in Philadelphia, PA.  Williams is a graduate of Swarthmore College and NYU Tisch School of the Arts.  He was a staff photographer for New York City.  For the past 25 years he has worked as a cinematographer and director in the film industry.  His credits
include Nothern Exposure, New York Undercover, Kyle XY and Psych.  Williams moved to Bellingham in 2004.

"I discovered photography as a senior in college by signing up for a course because I'd heard it was easy.  Funny how a casual decision like that can change everything-I've pretty much had a camera in my hand from that moment forward. After school I went to New York and worked in the still-life and fashion studios there, which eventually led to a job as a staff photographer for New York City.  I was assigned to the Engineering Department at the Metropolitan Transit Authority, taking pictures of station renovations, subway construction, and other engineering projects.  It was during this time that I discovered my subject, and I've been photographing it ever since--the "iotas of the world" that reveal and reflect the beauty in everything."


"I consider myself a nature photographer, although that claim is sometimes viewed as irony.  I see the structure of the natural world everywhere and in everything, often most clearly at the fringes of human society where the power and logic of nature imbues even the most mundane objects with its grace.  Order exists where I expect chaos-shapes, colors, and textures that are too perfect to be random.  In alleys, parking lots, and abandoned buildings, I witness an endless stream of objects with personalities- all sitting just outside human attention and quietly proclaiming their individuality.  There is beauty, humor, and dignity in the inanimate world all around us;
reflections of the consciousness that flows through everything, the one behind the many, the ocean below the waves.  Thanks for looking!"

Susie Wind- Paintings

Local artist Susie Wind has been painting since the late 1980's, completing a degree in Fine Art at the University of Utah in 1994. She also completed a Master's degree in Art Therapy and Counseling Psychology at the College of Notre Dame in Belmont CA, in 1997. 

Her work has been compared to the American artists Edward Hopper and Andrew Wyeth, both for subject matter and style.  She presents us with a scene that is familiar and at the same time haunting.  "I want to capture that concrete sense of loneliness that I feel in this culture that is constantly reinventing itself into obsolescence."  she has the ability to create in her paintings a solitary moment which seems to stand still.  Wind paints a world of empty spaces that seem to be waiting for something.

In this body of work the primary subject is texture.
"I've juxtaposed varying textures of worn wood and metal; as the composition called for it.  I never get tired of seeing colors.  I especially enjoy colors created by nature; or more specifically the colors that nature paints on top of things created by people.  I like to see the sun-bleached hues and the rust-stained shades that evolve as an object created by man is reclaimed again into the earth.  I am interested in creating perspective with flat planes of color and shape. I like contrasting textures. I am always interested in the spaces where shadows meet the light."

Susie has exhibited her oil and acrylic paintings in group and juried exhibitions locally and nationally.  Her paintings reside in public and private collections nationwide.

Susie Wind is represented in Seattle at the Fountainhead Gallery.