Mid-Winter Show

Featuring Rob Gischer

Our mid-winter show is now up.  We are featuring the work of local artist Rob Gisher.  This show will be up February through April.  

Join us for Downtown Art Walk-

February 7th, March 7th and April 4th  6-9 PM.

Artist's Statement

My artwork has been influenced and developed by the elements of education, travel and environment.  A Masters degree in art education coupled with time spent in Europe and teaching art, exposed me to art through the ages.  However, my environment has been of primary importance in shaping the direction and style of my painting.

The natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest with its seasonal changes of new growth, full bloom and decay all influences the mood of my subject matter, the texture and composition of my surfaces, and the color of my palette.

My indebtedness to the Surrealists is substantial. They allowed that art could be both mysterious and playful, while retaining artistic integrity. But more importantly, that the possible and impossible could exist side-by-side.

I am heavilly influenced by the Pacific Northwest visionary artists of the 1950's. Although I am seeking universal quallities in my painting, their work provided me with a northwest consciousness, which permeates and tempers my finished work.