Vashon Island, Washington

Diane and I have discussed many things we could be passionate enough about to want to sell besides wine.  Coffee is easily in our top three .  The key was finding something new that was something special. Robin Pollard from Vashon Island is just that diamond.

Pollard found herself on The Wine Enthusiast's "Top 7 coffee roasters in America" list along side Stumptown and Blue Bottle, not bad company-and she does everything in her garage.

While researching Robin's back ground I found we had a lot in common: Midwestern heritage, a good majority of our careers in the wine industry, a love for gardening and raising chickens--she does one-up me on raising pigs as well, but that makes me think I should try that too.  As the story goes, Robin spent the last  15 years promoting Washington wines, 6 of which were as executive director of the Washington State Wine Commission.  After her tenure she felt the strong need to return to her family's roots and farm.  This time it would be vines.  She bought a 10 acre parcel of alfalfa field right out side Yakima and planted it to Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Cabernet Franc.  Understanding you need much help to survive in the wine world she enlisted two long time industry veterans.  First up was Patrick Rawn from Two Mountain Vineyards.  He helped guide the planting and vineyard design.  Next she enlisted fellow Vashon Island wine maker Chris Camarda, owner of Andrew Will Winery, easily recognized as one of the state's top winemakers.  Chris has helped with the entire picture from the vineyard to helping with the wine.  The winery side of the story is going to be small, just about 600 cases.  We already put our hand up for a little slice of the wine pie. 
Chris Camarda was also by her side when she started her coffee project.  They tried out many roasters before they felt they had it right.  In 2012 she bought her commercial roaster. The rest is history.  Living the life farming on Vashon.

Now for the coffee itself.
Robin's Patch Blend is custom tailored for Seifert and Jones specifically, just as each blend is unique to each of her customers. When creating our medium roast she blended together Columbian, Costa Rican, and Ethiopian beans. The medium roast has a little more acid to the finish due to the Ethiopian beans. For the Dark roast she combined Honduras and Sulawesi origin beans.  As in wine, one of the key components is balance.  We feel that is the key factor to both of these blends, each offering such intriguingly delicate flavor profiles complete with perfect balance.
No beans are roasted for us until we place an order. They reach the shop approximately three to five days from our request. We are thrilled to have Robin roasting and blending for us and for you.  We greatly look forward to sharing this small artisan producer with you.

Pollard Patch Blend Dark Roast
Bold, layered flavors of chocolate, forest and spice.
$13.99 12 oz.

Pollard Medium Roast
Asian spices with mocha and stone fruit finish.
$13.99 12 oz.