Baja, Mexico Wines from Beso Imports
with Patrick Neri

May 4, 2019

Come celebrate Cinco de Mayo a little early with some fabulous wines from Baja, Mexico! We know a lot of people were surprised by these wines last time around, so we're hoping you love these ones as much as the last. 

The founders of Beso Imports have made it their mission to navigate this complexity with onsite experience grounded in personal direct relationships with winery owners and their vintners. Every wine that makes it into their portfolio does so after having been tasted by them personally during visits to the estates. They take the time to familiarize themselves with the principal members of the wine making team, their wines, as well as the land they cultivate and the philosophy that drives them.  They are proud to say that the practices and people behind these wines are just as interesting as the wines themselves - driving their appeal with a quality that is both authentic and just downright delicious.

While relatively new to the US market, many wines Beso is importing have already found homes on the premiere wine lists of the America's most highly regarded restaurants such as The French Laundry. Many more are on the lips of those intrigued by the world of wine. Beso is continually in the process of refining their portfolio to meet the demands of the US market. From modest, fun, fruit-driven wines, to wines of the highest levels of sophistication, Beso has wines for everyone. Better yet, a number of them are unabashedly world class wines that are surprisingly affordable.

Joining us for this tasting is Patrick Neri, owner of Beso Imports, to offer us his knowledge of these Mexican Wines. 

Saturday, May 4th 2-4pm, no fee tasting.