Lummi Island Wild

Tuesday, August 20th 2013

While Ted Allen visited we took a day to head over to Lumni and hang with Keith and Riley from Lummi Island Wild.  Totally cool adventure going out on the boats and climbing the towers.  Ted spotted a school that turned out to be a boiler.  The night before we enjoyed the Sockeye simply grilled by Diane.  Check out her recipes for Pesto and Romesco sauce grilled salmon.  

Grilled Salmon with Basil Pesto and Romesco Sauce

Prepare Sauces (Both can be made a day ahead)
     Basil Pesto (Dairy Free): Makes about 1 ½ cup sauce
          2 Cups fresh basil leaves
          1 Cup fresh Italian Parsley
          ½ cup toasted pine nuts
          3 cloves garlic
          Salt and Pepper to taste
          1/2 Cup olive oil
     In bowl of food processor while running drop in garlic process till chopped fine
     Stop and open bowl then add the basil, parsley and pine nuts.
     Puree add salt and pepper
     With machine running, slowly add olive oil till smooth (you may need to add more depending on the consistency you would like)
     Taste again for seasoning.
     If making ahead, pour a layer of olive oil over the top to keep from turning color.

     Romesco Sauce: Makes about 2 cups of sauce
          One slice of white bread (fried in olive oil till browned on both sides)
          ½ Cup of toasted almonds
          3 large marinated red peppers
          3 large tomatoes chopped
          3 cloves garlic
          ½ tsp paprika
          2 TBLS red wine vinegar
          Kosher salt and pepper to taste
          ½ Cup olive oil
     In bowl of food processor while running drop in garlic process till finely chopped.
     Stop and open bowl then add bread (break-up into pieces), almonds, red peppers,  tomatoes and process till pureed.
     Add paprika, salt and pepper
     With machine running slowly add olive oil process until smooth.
      Taste again for seasoning.

Prepare Salmon to grill:
     Bone if needed
     Make portion cuts on each filet cutting only to the skin not through
          (this helps with the cooking process taught to me by a pro! Thanks Keith!)
     Salt and Pepper
Grill for about 8 -10 minutes depending on thickness of your salmon.
(We used Lummi Island Wild Salmon, which cooks very quickly)
Place sauce on fillets (one fillet gets the basil pesto the other the Romesco Sauce)
Left over sauces delicious on pasta or grilled veggies

Let rest 5 minutes before serving.

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Brunch with Aldo Vacca

Friday, June 21st 2013

We couldn't have planned it any better then to have Aldo Vacca from Produttori del Barbaresco as our first tasting in the shop.  The tasting was a huge hit.  How incredible was it to show Cru Vineyard Nebbiolo from top sites.  

Before our tasting Aldo and his side kick Chris ZImmerman joined us for Sunday brunch on the deck.  Diane set the tone with awesome hospitality and great food.

Sunday Brunch with Aldo

  • Radishes from Seifert Ranch, on a bed of grey sea salt and served with a chive, basil and dill butter.
  • Shigoku Oysters from Taylor Seafood-a new oyster developed by them.  A great new discovery.
  • Sauteed asparagus with garlic scapes and red scallions.
  • Roasted baby beets.
  • Crab cakes with tossed Arugula in a bacon vinegrette. 
  • Poached Seifert Ranch eggs.
  • First of the season Cloud Mountain strawberries
  • Marenco Moscato d' Asti

McMenamins Grand Lodge Adventure

Tuesday, May 21st 2013

My visit to Oregon started at the McMenamins Grand Lodge in Forest Grove.
Joined by Harry's family Connor, Emily, Tyson, and Tiernan!  We started our 3 day 80 mile bicycle tour to visit 3 different McMenamins Hotel Oregon and Kennedy School. We had a blast and I think we know all the menus by heart!
At the end of each long bicycling day we enjoyed tasty food along with the refreshing beer McMenamins is so famous for.
Then it was on to Carlton for Harry and I to get on with some Pinot Noir tasting!
We arrived at the Abbey Road Farm greeted by John and Judi, our hosts and winemaker Dave Grooters from Carlton Cellars.
I can not say enough wonderful things about this B & B!  It is truly stunning with grand views! Our window looked out to Guadalupe vineyards! Very peaceful and relaxing.
The perfect setting to enjoy wines from this area. Dave G invited us to visit him the next day in his vineyard. It doesn't get
any better then being surrounded by grapevines on a warm afternoon tasting Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir!
It was a wonderful opportunity to discover Carlton Cellars and get to know Dave. 
We also tasted wines at Seven of Hearts, another winery we always visit when in the area! 
I am hoping to bring wines from both of these winery's in soon.
Our visit to Anne Amie Vineyards was wonderful as well! The spectacular views from this hilltop winery make tasting their fine wines even more special.
Stop by the shop and I will show you some favorites that we tasted.

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