Big Deal on Linen Sauvignon Blanc!  Wines for Ski to Sea Weekend
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Wine of the Week

Linen 2016 Sauvignon Blanc
Washington State
$9.99 or $8.99 for Wine Club Members or by the case.

  Linen has been our #1 selling NW Sauvignon Blanc for several vintages now, possibly because it's the perfect set up for picnics, beach time, deck parties, after mow/gardening rewards....
And they want to lower the price to kick off the summer season? Well, giddy-up and get it to the people!  We are not sure how long this special deal will run, but we will keep it at this price point until the end.
You are likely to still see it around town at the $13.99 mark. Hmmm.

The nose is a trip straight to the tropics, pineapple, mango and a hint of lime. In the mouth the tropical flavors melt into fresh pear, peach and apricot with an undercurrent of citrus. The finish is smooth peachy lemons and limes. Try fresh shellfish, particularly Dungeness crab.

This is a second label for Bergevin Vineyards in Walla Walla. Annette Bergevin loves the wine business—everything about it. The craft of winemaking. The almost magical way it makes any meal or moment memorable. Good friends to drink it with—and sell it to, too!  Her family has deep roots in the Walla Walla Valley, over 150 years!
A fifth-generation Walla Walla native, co-founding Bergevin Lane Vineyards in 2002 was the fulfillment of a long-time dream, one that started with her father. “In my younger days he would share amazing wines from his collection,” she says. “That’s when I discovered how wonderful the wine world could be.”
“The secret to our success is really pretty simple,” Annette says. “We are making wines we love, and are proud to share.”  


Ski to Sea Prep Tasting

Wines for after the Race and for your 3 day holiday weekend.
Saturday, May 26th.  2-4 pm. No fee tasting.
This race is extreme, worthy of a variety of rewards, perhaps equally extreme. Reveling needs to factor into all of this. We have put together a group of wines for you to taste with the spirit of the race in mind.

On your mark, get set, GO! 
Best of luck to all the teams participating this year.

Using ancient technique in modern day.

 Clay Anforas

 I'd like to touch on a very hot topic right now among wine professionals.  Can ancient  technique in conjunction with today's modern practices produce better wine? 
Clay anforas go back to the Iron Age in the Republic of Georgia.  “Almost every ancient culture, from the Canaanites to the Egyptians to the Assyrians to the Greeks and Romans, vinified in pottery vessels,” says Patrick McGovern, Ph. D., the scientific director of the Biomolecular Archaeology Laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania Museum in Philadelphia.
So why go back when you have stainless steel tanks, high end French Oak, or even newly designed concrete tanks? Many winemakers that have gone this way assure us it's better.  They say terra-cotta pots offer unique interactive properties with wine—they pull out acidity, allow oxygen exchange, and provide superior insulation, among other benefits—that are different from those of stainless steel, wood barrels, or concrete.
There are several types of clay vessels in use today, including the amphora, the tinaja, and dolium.  An amphora, which many people use as a catchall term for any clay vessel, actually refers to a specific vessel shape. An amphora would be skinny, with a completely conical bottom and have hooked handles at the shoulders. It would be used for transporting wine on ships. Amphorae would be small, stack able, and stored under ships’ decks.
Andy Beckham
More common, and less noted, are tinajas and dolia. A tinaja is a Spanish clay vessel that tapers at the top and the bottom, like an egg, and is large enough to ferment in. A dolium is similar to Georgian qvevri (but is made outside Georgia and isn’t quite as big) and has a tapered but flat bottom. It stands out in comparison to the others for its wide-open top. Dolia are ideal for red-wine fermentations or skin-contact whites, as the larger opening at the top makes the removal of must from the juice far easier.
It's a very interesting subject that can cause you to wonder if you can tell the difference.  We have several producers currently in stock that work with these ancient vessels.  I've provided several articles that discuss this at great length.

Currently in stock
A.D. Beckham 2015 Pinot Gris, Oregon $37.99
A.D. Beckham 2014 Pinot Noir, Oregon $45.99
COS 2015 Pithos Bianco, Sicilly Italy $42.99
Foradori 2014 Teroldego, Trentino Italy $27.99



Five Course Spring Wine Dinner

with Idiot's Grace / Memaloose

Hundred North Restaurant

Thursday May 31st
M e n u : $75

Snap Peas, Raw Halibut, Strawberries - Idiot's Grace Gewurtztraminer

Country Rabbit Pate, Chow Chow - Idiot's Grace Dolcetto

Grilled Octopus, Garlic, Beans- Memaloose Trevitt's White

Roasted Lamb, Morel Mushrooms, Rye Berries- Idiot's Grace Estate Cabernet Franc

Rhubarb Dumpling, Fennel Pollen Creme Anglaise, Candied Sunflower Seeds- Idiot's Grace Semillion
Idiot's Grace and Memaloose are the production of a small, family-owned estate winery in the Columbia Gorge. Their several plots—established since 2003, overlooking the River on both the Oregon and Washington sides—are farmed organically with imagination and humility; the wines, wild-fermented and unposturing, seek originality from this dramatic growing region.
Choose the time you prefer between 5pm and 9pm, Trevor Hertrich from the winery will be there to personally go over each wine with you while Hundred North staff present and explain the food offerings.
Flexible seating times, call Hundred North today
@ 360-594-6000 or email to make your reservations!


Upcoming Tastings

New Arrivals Tasting
EVERY Friday

3-6 pm. No fee.

Wines for Ski to Sea 
Saturday, May 26th 2-4 pm.

No fee.

Scarpetta Wines with Master of the Italian Universe Chris Zimmerman 
Saturday, June 2nd 2-4 pm.

No fee.

Wines of Spain with Basi of Casa Ventura Imports
Saturday, June 9th 2-4 pm.

No fee.

Duckhorn for Father's Day
Saturday, June 16th 2-4 pm. No fee.



S & J Wine Club

As a Wine Club member, you will receive 2 bottles each month hand selected by Ted and Diane and accompanied by informative tasting notes for each. 

Membership includes the exclusive 10% discount in the shop (excluding Cellar Select wines) and the opportunity to receive Club Member Only special offers.

   You choose-red, white or both. We have three clubs for you-  World Tour $29, Northwest Corner $49 and the Grand Cru $99.   There is no fee to join and you m ay cancel your membership at any time.
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