Refosk 2014
Istra Slovenia

The Rojac Istra Refošk wine hails from the Istrian Peninsula, an arrowhead chunk of land in the northern Adriatic that is shared by Italy, Slovenia and Croatia. Here, a sub-Mediterranean climate fosters a handful of grape varieties ranging from international to localized variants, such as the beloved Refošk, which many believe is part of the ancient grape family called Refosco. Historical records show that the Roman Empress Livija Drussila who lived to the enviable age of 86 years (at that time) presumably by many references to her…enjoyment of this “black grape” from river Timavo (Triest river from sea). This came from a “rocky hill” which produced very little yields to fill only a few amphorae. These vineyard positions can be none other than the great refošk vineyards of the current Rojac Family Estate.
A delightful wine that will have you adjusting your wine compass to Slovenia. Inky purple color, unfiltered and a little cloudy, but full of goodness. Aromas and flavors recall blackberry, currant, leather, violets and vanilla, with a full texture. There is a touch of ripeness to this wine, with numerous layers and surprises.