G.D. Vajra

Barolo "Albe" 2013
Piedmont, Italy

"The Albe may be the single best value in Barolo today. As for the 2013, don't miss it!"

"Vajra's 2013 Barolo Albe is beautifully perfumed, sensual and expressive in this vintage, with a bit less overt fruit and more aromatic/structural intensity than is often the case. The style of the Albe has always favored a more succulent expression of Nebbiolo that is quite different from the single-vineyard wines, but the 2013 suggests Vajra may be moving the Albe closer in line stylistically to their other Barolos, which I think is a positive. In any event, there is an element of restraint in the 2013 that is hugely appealing. The Albe is a blend of fruit from Fossati, Coste di Vergne and La Volta aged in 75 hectoliter casks. The Albe may be the single best value in Barolo today. As for the 2013, don't miss it!" "92 POINTS" Vinous Feb. 2017.

Aldo Vaira established the winery in 1972, but the family dates back over two centuries. Aldo grew up in the large metropolitan city of Torino. When most people were leaving the countryside for the cities Aldo dreamed of the country. In 1972 Aldo inherited the family estate. The jewel of the property is the 65-year-old Nebbiolo vines planted by his grandfather.  At first Aldo worked by day as a professor of wine making in Alba and used his spare time to work the vineyards.  Today the winery is run by Aldo, his wife Milena and their children.  Together they make benchmark Barolos that are truly elegant and pure along with Barbera, Dolcetto, Moscato d’ Asti and even Riesling.  Old world character, new world style.
When Giuseppe was eight years old a school friend said his father was a traditionalist. Another boy said his father was a modernists. Curious, Giuseppe asked his father which type of Barolo producer he was. After a half hour of explaining, it turned out he was neither.  It just goes to show that we all hang on to the past but we cannot ignore the present.