G.D. Vajra

Clare J.C. 2016
Piedmont, Italy

One varietal that pulls the right stings around here is Nebbiolo--checks all the boxes when done properly. A trusted supplier tipped us off to this wine, new to our market place, from an old familiar face we love.
Produced in a style that stems back in history to Thomas Jefferson's time, using grapes from the younger vines, Claré JC reminds us of a forgotten era of the Piedmontese Nebbiolo, which somehow slipped out of fashion in the early 1950’s.
Light ruby color, slightly sparkling (do not let that deter you), very fresh and eye-catching with spices and red fruits and a vibrant minerality. A versatile wine, the JC is to be consumed fresh, to be drunk in summer time. An ideal companion for dried salumi, lightly fried foods or pizza. An unprecedented expression of Nebbiolo with which one will be able to surprise even the most skeptical of friends!