Cielos & Besos

Tinto 2015
Arribes, Spain

What's Your Favorite Wine?

As you might imagine we get this question quite frequently and understandably so. Usually it's very tough question to answer, but not this week.  This wine has me from the first time I tasted it to the many times I have revisited it.

Deep opaque color starts things off as you look at it.  The aromatics are savory and so welcoming-the kind of wine that just satisfies by scent alone. Sage and licorice hit you at first whiff rolling into that wild country garigue of dried herbs, followed by meaty, gamey essence. You'll find this is concentrated with heavenly balance and kisses of blue and red fruits on your palate. Once again, it offers a dried herb, savory element that ties it all together.  The over-all balance is what seals the deal, the type of wine that makes me want sit down with a pile of cook books and find something to pair  with it.  I'm already thinking lentils and chorizo.