Kelly Fox Wines, Willamette Valley Oregon
Meet Kelly Saturday 2-4 pm.

June 3, 2017

Oregon winemaker, Kelly Fox, has our full attention.  We see her passion, fire and drive combined with an ability to make soulful wines that speak of real purity, balance, integrity, excitement and harmony. Kelly is a one person team.  She came into the shop and hit us with some very elegant wines with really exciting red fruits of strawberries and black cherries. These wines have an energy with multiple layers of earth and fruit, very much like a gymnast-strong, wired, but performing with pure elegance and grace. As she gave us the production run down, it seemed she didn't trust anyone else to touch these wines from vineyard to bottling.  We very much like the story and are left excited to taste anything she puts her hand to. Any Willamette Valley enthusiast should run to these wines.

Saturday, June 3rd. 2-4 pm. Kelly will be in house pouring her 2015 releases. No fee tasting.